About this Web site

This Web site serves as a starting point for tools that can help in understanding Ohio’s statewide assessments for the Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) and for the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT).

Ohio Achievement Assessments

The OAA Web site is for students in grades 3-8 preparing to take the yearly math, reading, and writing achievement assessments. The three sections of the Web site are What’s Expected of Students, Practice for the Test, and Understand Test Results.

What’s Expected of Students

Subject (Math, Reading, Writing)

Practice for the Test

Select a Test (Math, Reading, Writing)

Understand Test Results

Select a Subject (Math, Reading, Writing)

Ohio Graduation Tests

The OGT Web site serves as the gateway to specific Web sites for students, teachers and parents, and includes a detailed resources section. These sites allow access to practice tests and other resources.

Student Site

Parent Portal

Teacher Tools